Getting started in Serviced Accommodation?

If you’re at the beginning of your Serviced Accommodation journey, there are only four things holding you back:

Strategy, Knowledge, Advice & Accountability and Systems.

To give you a quick start in all four areas, we’ve put together a completely FREE resource pack including deal analysers, critical chapters from our upcoming book, and systems guides.

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Create the Perfect Strategic Plan for You

Did you know that 80% of operators approaching us are using the wrong strategy? Let Chris guide you through creating the perfect strategic plan for your business – one which will allows you to scale your business, and achieve all of your personal goals and objectives.


Learn the SA industry, Improve your Profits

Serviced Accommodation is a complex industry, and we’ll show you the many areas in which you can optimise your business performance. Our learning platform is a unique mix of written and video content, with downloadable resources and even quizzes to test your knowledge!

Advice and Accountability:

One-to-one contact – EVERY WEEK!

Would it help to have Chris and Kane answer your questions? How much would your productivity improve with a group video calls on a weekly basis, ensuring you get the most important tasks completed? Nowhere else can you get this level of support…


Copy our Blueprint for Business Automation

With so many systems and processes in Serviced Accommodation, do you really want to start from scratch, or would you rather copy tried and tested solutions? You’ll have access to all of our systems blueprints, so that you can focus on scaling not building your business.

“We’ve put together this programme so that you can generate profit as quickly as possible, and build a resilient and scalable business.”

“We’re offering a fantastic price for unprecedented levels of personal advice and accountability. “

“This is a an opportunity that many are already benefiting from in a big way – Don’t miss out, give yourself the advantage with your Serviced Accommodation Business by arranging your consultation call NOW!

Kane Nelson – SA Operator & Consultant

Kane Nelson Kane Nelson
The SA Quick Start

The Programme Structure – How it Works

1) Build Your Strategic Plan with Chris

Research shows that businesses who start with a business plan are much more likely to grow quickly and attract investment. But putting together a business plan is a long winded task only for people with an MSC… right? 

Our “Strategic Plan” format has been refined over several years and is a quick and effective way of getting all of the benefits of a business plan, without any of the headaches! And what’s more, it’s specific to Serviced Accommodation.

You’ll start by identifying your motivations for your new SA business, and put together your goals and objectives.

Then you’ll explore the niche models of serviced accommodation available to you, and identify the most promising models for testing.

Finally you’ll build a “blueprint” for how your business looks in the future, and examine your corporate and tax structures to minimise your tax bill, and ensure you are protected from the trading risk of the business.

Your strategic plan will form the basis of your day-to-day activities in the business, and will provide a reference point for your time on the programme. This will allow you to immediately see whether you are on course to achieve your goals, and if not what you need to change to get back on track. You’ll also find that having a clear vision for your business will improve communication with your business partners, staff, clients, agents, and investors…

Create Your Clear Strategic Plan

You’ll have a blueprint for your business growth all the way from where you are now, to achieving your goals

Understand your Niche Model

Reduce your business risk by knowing and understanding your niche model of serviced accommodation

Optimise your Corporate Structure

Choose the ideal corporate structure to minimise your tax bill and protect you legally

Improve Clarity of Communication

Your clear vision will improve communication with staff, clients, business partners, agents and investors…

2) Weekly Group Video Calls

Every single week, you’ll have a 2 hour group coaching call using the “Zoom” video call platform, led by Chris or Kane.  

You’ll have plenty of time to get your questions answered, be held accountable for your actions and have the regular opportunity to review your progress. You’ll also be able to refine your strategy and discuss overcoming your current barriers, get guidance on technical issues, hands on assistance with implementation and set goals for the next month.

You’ll get ideas from what other operators are doing, see how they approach overcoming problems and learn from other peoples mistakes.

The video calls will be recorded, so if you miss a session – or if you want to watch or listen again – a replay will only be a few clicks away.

This unprecedented level of accountability will give you the support you need and help you to stay on track to achieve the goals set out in your strategy review.

3) Online Learning Platform
(including your Systems Blueprint!)

There are two main problems with using training courses to increase your knowledge.

Firstly, they do not usually contain detail to a deep enough level to truly understand the industry. They are very good at getting you excited about a strategy, but not so good at providing the real world knowledge to implement it.

Secondly, as soon as you leave the room at least half the things you were taught are gone from your head forever!

While we’re not a fan of training, knowledge is of course a very important thing.

We’ve worked for a very long time to put together a method of learning suitable for practical-focused information. With this platform, we feel like we’ve found the perfect balance.

With a mix of written, video, interactive and even quizzes, you’ll get all the knowledge you need to succeed in your SA business.

Not only this, but the resources included form a “systems blueprint” for your business – from email templates to cleaning checklists, you’ll be able to implement systems easily with step-by-step instructions.

Join the 12 month SA Quick Start for all the direction, knowledge, advice and accountability you need to generate profits QUICKLY!

Online Learning Platform Contains…

Business Set-Up & Systems

✔ Protect your business by using the right legal contracts, ensuring your properties are safe and legal and putting appropriate insurance policies in place

✔ Organise the operations of your business with a Property Management System (PMS), implement a guest portal for improved client communications and create a website for direct bookings

✔ Create an automated bookkeeping system from day one, so that you minimise time spent on admin and never have to drown in a pile of receipts!

✔ Monitor your business and property performance by creating your own reporting format that includes all of your key KPI’s. Having this vital information will allow you to monitor your progress, and to make better business decisions quicker

ALSO INCLUDES: Understand your legal obligations, take control of your payments, setup your email and telephone professionally, structure your digital assets, organise your work using online tools and much more!

Deal Sourcing

✔ Drive your business growth by learning how to source properties which fit the criteria established in your Strategic Plan

✔ Reduce the risk of your deals by knowing what you should always check prior to taking on a property

✔ Make sure you don’t end up losing money on deals by learning how to do thorough and accurate deal analysis

✔ Improve your business planning by learning how to create accurate long term financial projections

✔ Learn how to structure deals to minimise your risk and capital input, so that you can do more profitable deals with less cash required

✔ Learn how to safety work with Joint Venture partners without committing to risky equity relationships, so that you are protected in the event of problems

✔ Protect your deals with tried and tested guaranteed rent, joint venture and management contracts

Property Setup

✔ Follow step-by-step video and written instructions to add properties to your Property Management System, and Airbnb. Even if you’re not technical you’ll easily be able to add properties, or if you’d rather outsource you can hand these setup manuals straight to a contractor

✔ Design your property layout for maximum profit, and get the right quality level furniture without over-specifying. You’ll have happier guests, better reviews and higher profits!

✔ Attract guests with high quality dressings which make you stand out from the competition, and ensure your property to look great for photos AND guests

✔ Create Welcome Books that improve your guests stay, reduce the number of calls you receive and improve your reviews!

ALSO INCLUDES: Setup your utilities quickly and easily, efficient snagging using trades, comparing check-in methods, high quality photography and ensure your property is legally compliant


✔ Protect your business by using the appropriate employment type for cleaning and maintenance personnel

✔ Ensure consistent cleaning quality with cleaning systems including specifications and checklists

✔ Understand how hiring linen can reduce your costs and improve the quality of your guests stay

✔ Reduce your workload by creating an automated laundry system with little oversight required

✔ Recruit trustworthy, capable and hard working personnel for your business

✔ Reduce costs significantly by implementing a “Maintenance Grid” to sort emergency maintenance from routine maintenance

✔ Implement a maintenance system to ensure issues are dealt with quickly and at minimal cost

Guest Management

✔ Improve your guest experience with example scripts for responding to customer requests and enquiries

✔ Significantly decrease the number of calls you take with an automated communication system, including all email and text message templates

✔ Automate much of the booking management process to reduce the time taken for each booking

✔ Secure your business’s finances with cash-flow positive models of customer payments

✔ Leverage a property manager to deal with guests and liaise with your cleaning and maintenance teams, freeing up your time to grow the business


✔ Improve your customer retention through strong branding

✔ Generate additional income with intelligent channel management

✔ Increase your direct bookings for longer, more profitable bookings

✔ Use social media to generate a steady stream of booking enquiries

✔ Build long term relationships with local businesses for high quality recurring customers

✔ Increase your bookings and prices through careful review management

So you’re probably asking yourself – how much is all this going to cost me?

“We all know that unfortunately lots of trainers use completely made up “normally costs” prices and “only a few spaces left”…

Hopefully you can see that as we’re developing this new programme, the spaces are genuinely limited to 10 (with some of these gone already).

Once we’ve finished testing, we are going to be selling each learning module individually for between £497 and £997. The total price for all the modules will be £5,443. Considering that’s a complete Business-In-a-Box, that’s quite a bargain!

The Strategy Review costs £500 and we have had feedback from many businesses that this is the most valuable money they ever spent.

Based on Kane Nelson’s and my hourly rate, the one-to-one time is worth £735, and based on the cost of our group programmes, the group calls are worth £1,500.

The total price therefore should be £8,178

But for this one-off programme it is only £2,400!

Plus… We have made it even more affordable for you now with a monthly payment option of:

Just £200 per month (Minimum 12 months subscription)


Get a further discount for paying annually with one month FREE just £2,200!

Chris Poulter – SA Consultant, Operator and Podcast Host

Join the 12 month SA Quick Start for all the direction, knowledge, advice and accountability you need to generate profits QUICKLY!